VoiceThread on Student Blogs

Hello everyone. I recently created a VocieThread presentation on student blogs.  I chose to do this topic because in today’s ever changing classroom we must provide our students an opportunity to grow and use the technology that will drive their future.  More and more social media is becoming a bigger part of students lives, wither it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Blogging.  I found during my research that blogs can provide a fun platform to help increase the amount and the quality of student writing.  Please check it out the link is below.  Hope you enjoy it.

Student Blogging VoiceThread


Web 2.0 Educational Use

In my last blog entry I should how I would blabberize from an athletic standpoint.  Since I hope to someday be a teacher I wanted to put together another presentation this time from an education standpoint.  I hope to be a social studies teacher someday and one of my favorite topics is the U.S government and how it works.  For this project I have created a PowerPoint using blabberize to add audio.  This presentation is on how a bill becomes a Law and is intended for a 6th grade classroom.  Here is the link to a screencast of the PowerPoint; How a Bill becomes a Law.

This project will fall under Standard 1 in the political science, social studies standards.  It states “Students will understand the historical development and current status of the fundamental concepts and processes of authority, power, and influence, with particular emphasis on the democratic skills and attitudes necessary to become responsible citizens.”  It directly relates to the expectation of this standard which states “The student will demonstrate understanding of the structure and functions of government and politics in the United States.”  This project accomplishes this by teaching the students one of our government’s main roles, which is creating the laws of our country.  For this lesson I would use this project as an introduction of how a bill becomes a law.  This PowerPoint would help to give my students some background information before we watched the “School House Rock” video “How a Bill Becomes a Law.”  After viewing the video I will have the class do a group project where they will make a timeline of how Law making process.  My PowerPoint will also serve as a reference for these students to look back on as they do their timeline. I think that this would be a fun and very informative way for my students to learn how a bill becomes a law.  I think that it will help to hold their attention and will reach students from multiple learning styles.


Web 2.0 Tools

In our class we have been looking into way teachers can use web 2.0 tools in their classrooms to better help their students.  It has become more important then ever that we as teachers learn how to communicate with our students in a manner that best suit them.  I have looked into using 2 web tools for my project.  Since I am not a class room teacher and have not been in class room in over a year for a practicum I used the Web 2.0 tools for a project that would greatly help me at my work as a college football coach.  I think both of these tools would have great classroom applications though.  I used an audio tool called blabberizer and a presentation tool called slideshare.  I used these tools to create a playbook to send to incoming freshman to get them familiar f=with our plays for the up coming year.  These tools I think could also just a easily be used to be sent home with a student to do a tough project or homework.  I did a screen cast to show how to use blabberizer.  The link for that is here.  The link to the slideshare presentation I did is here.


Creative Commons License

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Great Ideas on using blogging in the classroom

I was reading several blogs created by class room teachers and I found some great Ideas that I think would be very helpful to all classroom teachers.  One of the blogs I read was entitled Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom.  Mrs. Yollis is a third grade teacher, and her blog is set up to help her students in the learning process.  She has sections that can be clicked on to read about her personally,  resources for other teachers, introductions of her students, and links to all the assignments she  has in her class.  The best thing about her blog is that she uses a lot of multimedia.  She also does a great job of explaining how her students can use the technology that she is demonstrating.  In one of her post entitled, App review Hop Scotch, she provides a step by step process of how to best use the APP.  Each section has pictures and some even have videos.  I think that this is a great way to use multimedia. The use of videos and pictures in this way can be a great way to demonstrate how to do homework, or a project with your students and parents.  Also her post, Video: Learn about text features,  provides students with an easy way to learn about text features and how to use them to deepen their understand and reading comprehension.  This is a great and fun way to add things to classroom instruction as well as add videos to share ideas with other teachers.

Another blog I read was called The Fabulous 5S.  This blog was very different than any other blog I have read.  This blog was made for a specific school where students can blog on different topics.  On one side of the blog is an area where students can post about different subjects, and topics, such as math, English, homework and how to use technology like IPads.  There was also a great post from a student called Dear Buddy.  This post was from a student welcoming a new student to their school and giving them advice for their first day and providing information about the school.   I think this is a great idea for any school, this particular blog is for an high school.  I think you can do this at the middle school level as well.  This is a great way to create a positive school culture and increase student communication.  I also think that this is an incredible avenue to teach your students responsible internet use and help to combat and get in front of any cyber bullying.   Sense this is a school controlled site it is easy to monitor what is being posting and if any inappropriate post are made those students can be brought in disciplined, and more importantly re-educated on what is proper internet and social media use.  There is no doubt that is a creative and very helpful use a blog that has endless possibilities to help a school.

The final blog that I read was from a middle school entitled The Avery Bunch.  This blog is about Mrs.Avery’s 6th grade class.  This blog shares the work of her students and outlines what they are doing in their class.  There is a great post called, The Math Movie Network.  In this post she has her students making movies about doing math problems and the order of operations.  There is also a great one about decimal places, and how to use them properly.  I think this is a great way to integrate technology and help to get students excited about a tough subject like math. This blog great strength is showing the excitement her students seem to be having about learning.  The fact that use of a blog like this can help get an average student excited about a tough subject like math shows that it has great potential in any classroom.  I have no doubt that this blog has helped provide a good way to make learning fun in her classroom.

These blogs show that classroom teachers can use blogs for everyday tasks such as parent communication, homework, multimedia aspects that can add to learning, and create an avenue for communication between teachers and students, and students with their peers.  But I was struck by how these blogs, when done correctly and with some thought can add a real element of fun, and enjoyment to learning and help to keep things fresh.  I have no doubt after reading these blogs that all teachers could benefit greatly from using these in their classroom to enrich their students learning experience.


I world I didn’t know existed, using blogs in education.

In looking into other educational blogs I discovered a wealth of knowledge I didn’t know was there. I read a blog entitled Primary Tech 10 Tips for introducing blogging in your class room.  The Link is, http://primarytech.global2.vic.edu.au/2013/01/28/10-tips-for-introducing-blogging-into-your-classroom/.  In this blog the author points out many great advantages of blogging.  She discusses that using a blog in you class room can help open a line of communication with your students,  provide a great avenue to teach internet safety and help your students create a positive digital footprint.  She also claims that this is great way to generate parental involvement. If a parent follows this blog they will be able  to see what their kid is doing in the class room on a daily basis and post comments to communicate with the teacher.  In another post entitled A Guide to Involviing Parents the author states that blogging can be a virtual window into the class room.  I think that this is a great way of putting it.  Blogs can show day to day activities, help to communicate the day’s homework, provide a syllabus for assignments that are coming up, and so much more.  This is an area that I think blogs can help every class room teacher.

In another great blog that I found was called the Nerdy Teacher.  This blog is great tool for any educator.  The creator of this blog shares his ideas and how he  sets up his class room.  He shares the projects that he uses and provides resources that teachers can take from him and use in their own classes.  In on if his post called If I had a sledgehammer he shares ideas about setting up your classroom and make specific work spaces to help create a great learning environment.  This is great example of how a blog can be a great profession development tool for teachers to share ideas and experiences.

The Final educational blog that I read was entitled, Crtl+Alt+Teach.  The creator uses this blog as an avenue to try to “spread the word of modern and bleeding edge technology and trends in education through presentations and professional development.”  She also states that her real goal is to try and show teachers how to integrate the newest technology into their classroom.  In one of her post entitled, Catching Fire in the New Year she talks about the movie Hunger Games and how she used it in a lesson plan.  This blog post provides great ideas of using pop culture in lesson planning.  I thought that this was an awesome idea; this blog is similar to The Nerdy Teacher in that it is a great resource for sharing ideas and communicating with other teachers.  I also noticed on the comment section, other teachers shared other ideas that feed on the idea of the blog.  This would have been a great way for me as a teacher to get some fresh ideas while lesson planning.

I think that these three blogs show that blogging is a great tool for teachers.  It provides a great avenue to communicate with parents, and students outside of the classroom.  I think it is an incredible tool for teachers to share ideas and communicate across the country to help and improve lesson planning, technology use and bring fresh looks into our classrooms.